Ask Daf

Aug 01

dontpanictilyouhaveto said: Whatever's going on, I (and I'm sure all your other followers) am thinking of you! Stay strong!

pleasedontcallmelhead said: whoaaaa girl! Did the infamous Daf reblog my t-shirts? I must be dreaming! haha

Jul 28

cudddlesmakemyday said: cudddlesmakemydaytumblrcom/post/28067319032 cudddlesmakemydaytumblrcom/post/28229603637 my 2 recent posts that feature you :) had to remove the full stops so it would post on here xxx

chaoticxskies said: I just saw the whole voting thing and went and voted. I also shared the link to the voting page on both my Facebook business pages (one of which is a jewelry/dreamcatcher page and the other is a freelance photography page), not even kidding, you can check if you like. Got 10 friends to vote for you. Gonna get on it tomorrow too, competitive life 101. WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY IS, IF YOU WIN, WHICH YOU WILL, CELEBRATE ON MY (AND EVERYONES) BEHALF with some "in" n "out" burgers or something!

meganelizabethh91 said: I voted for you. I didn't even read to see what it's about, but it doesn't really matter because you deserve the best. :) The best of luck to you, Daf!

letthespiralunwind said: Hey, Daf! I voted for you on the American Eagle contest, and shared it on facebook. :) Good luck!!

worthwhilefighter said: I think your blog is awesome, and that you and your girlfriend are awesome, and that your jewellery is beautiful. ya :)

mfibundfbnb-deactivated20120824 said: Always supporting u bby :-)

Jul 27

Anonymous said: Everyone is in such a foul mood it seems like today. "Gosh, my life is so miserable. You know what I'm gonna do about it...I'm gonna go post mean things to other people anonymously!" We need some Brady Bunch for this Sunshine Day

Anonymous said: you and katie are so cute!! you guys are perfect for each other and i'm just at my computer so lonely watching your videos #foreveralone :'(